Friday, August 29, 2014

Gigantic Bicycle Festival Recap

Here's the short version - because I'm pressed for time and more on that later.....

Last Friday I loaded up the Surly Long Haul Trucker with food, tools, camping stuff including a tent, and clothes.  My destination for Friday was Seattle.  25 miles later I was at the hotel.

Saturday I was taking part in the Gigantic Bicycle Festival (Google it.  I'm not going to hot link it).  Though the organizer dude tried to dissuade co-worker Dan and I from riding the 100 mile option (it was either that or 77 miles) fully loaded ("We have a truck to haul your gear!"), riding the 100 mile route fully loaded is what we did.  Every once in a while, masochistic is the way to go.  It's therapeutic - really.

We made it to Snoqualmie OK.  It was good to get off the bike and shower, though.  We did so, found some food, we found some beers, and then listened to some of the live music.

Sunday we walked across the street to the golf course for breakfast.  The Modified Lumberjack (sized) was awesome!

Supposedly we had 31 miles to bike back to the ferry.  A wrong turn, a misplaced trail, and/or road construction later and we added a few extra miles.  I should have ended up with 44 miles for the day.  Instead it was 76.  If my math is correct that means we rode 205 miles on fully loaded touring bikes last weekend.  Even if my math is wrong, that is how many miles my bike computer says we rode.

Oh, for the Twin Peaks fans out there, you should recognize this:

I was too busy riding and such to take too many pictures.  The ones I did take are HERE.

I've today off work and Monday is Labour Day.  For those keeping score - four day weekend!  I'm off to Oregon for some mountain biking and some looking around.  A lot more pictures and full recap (that will put this one to shame) early next week.

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