Friday, January 18, 2013


I’ve an early afternoon flight for the Pacific Northwest.  The mission is to find and procure a place to live.  I’ve done a lot of online research.  Now it’s time to check the places in person.

I’ve a mix of appointments set up for Saturday.  I’ll be visiting several apartment complexes and a few single-family homes.  The goal is to find a suitable place at a reasonable price with the amenities I want in a desirable location.  My guess is the place I get will have some sort of compromise among all that criteria.

If I can sign on a dotted line sooner rather than later, I’ll have some time to explore a bit.  I’ll be sans bike, but, I’d like to locate some singletrack and/or trailheads.  I’ll have my disc golf discs with.  Perhaps I’ll give a course or two a go.

I’m back quite late on Sunday.  I hope to have several pictures to share.  The forecast for here is fricking cold for Sunday night.  I’ll not miss the extremes in temperature.

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