Friday, February 1, 2013

Found Some Rides

The first Sunday after the relocation I've a roadie type ride.  The roadie type bike club I've joined has an annual, last Sunday of February, ride around Bainbridge Island called the Chilly Hilly.

Unless it's raining buckets, I'll ride the conversation piece, AKA the Surly Moonlander.  Since this is a ride and not a race and pace lines probably won't happen, I won't mind being on a slower bike.

The following Saturday I've a mountain bike poker run lined up.  The mountain bike club I've joined referenced the Whidbey Island mountain bike club's ride called Mussels in the Kettles.

Again, this in not a race and will present a great opportunity to get on some trails and meet some bikers.  I've yet to decide to ride fully boinged, with gears Ellsworth, or hard-tail, single speed Karate Monkey.  Either way, I'm very much looking forward to getting on some trails.  Getting to this event will involve some driving and putting the vehicle on a ferry.

1 comment:

  1. Back in 2010 we rode John MacDonald Park above the Tolt River. It's a nice collection of twisty trails in the thick woods, and wasn't too far to the east of Kirkland. Half expected to see a dinosaur. Keep it on your list!