Friday, July 26, 2013

Application In

I've sent in my back country camping permit application to the National Parks Service.  Specifically, I've made application to backpack and camp August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th - my first three-day weekend in August.

I've elected to make application to the Staircase area of the park.  It is in the Southeastern corner of the park near Lake Cushman.

Click the picture for bigger if you're interested in following along.

My tentative game plan is to park the truck at the Staircase Ranger Station early Friday morning.  From there I'd head up the trail to Flapjacks Lake.  According to the map - a nifty 7.5 miles.  I'd camp overnight there Friday night.

Saturday I'm planning on backtracking to the fork in the trail and then taking the left-hand fork up to Nine Stream campsite.  I'd camp overnight at Nine Stream.  If mileages on the map are correct, 9.6 miles for the day.

Sunday I'd pack up and head back to the truck at the Staircase Ranger Station - 9.1 miles.  As you can see, no distance records.  But, decent distances to check the gear and see some of the park.

Olympic National Park's Wilderness Trip Planner page is HERE.  A PDF version map of the whole park, along with campsite lists, food storage methods, and toilet facilities, is HERE.  If you download the map, you can zoom in to certain areas a bit easier than online, I think.

This coming weekend is sort of planned out.  Saturday I plan to do stuff around here and also head to Seattle, REI specifically, also do some chores, and chill.  Sunday I've been invited along on a mountain bike ride around Mt. St. Helens.  A video of the trail to be ridden is here:

With the Ellsworth in the shop with a brake issue, I'll be riding the single speed, hardtail, Surly Karate Monkey.  From the video I should get my climbing workout in!  Regardless, I've not been to Mt St. Helens yet and it's also been awhile since I've been on a mountain bike.  Two birds, one stone!

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