Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I've been thinking the first weekend in August might be a good time to head to North Cascades National Park on a three-day weekend for some backpacking.  Reading the trails report, I'm giving this second thoughts.  I might elect to do this the third weekend in August.

I'm going to contact the Olympic National Park people instead.  Perhaps I can score a back country permit for an area there, instead.  If so, I'll do a backpacking thing there.

I was looking at my gear and assembling a tentative gear list.  I think I'm pretty well set.  I might head to REI and pick up some trekking poles, though.  And, as long as I'm there, a few more stuff sacks might be handy.

I think I'll yard-sale my gear on the living room floor and then pack it.  I want to see just how heavy, or not, it turns out to be.  I'll include a full water bladder and a couple of other water bottles full along with the food I'd need for the trip.

I'll pack one full set of clothes and assume I'll be wearing another set for weight purposes.  I'm of the one-day-to-wear-one-day-to-air in backpacking clothes philosophy.  I could grunge it out for just three days, but, I'm considering this three-day trip a test run for longer runs.

In other news, I'm going to try to get the full-suspension, geared mountain bike to the shop tonight.  The front brake is rubbing and I can't figure out what's up with it.  I'm thinking some mountain biking this coming weekend and having this fixed would be nice.

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