Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So, a month or so ago I was thinking (and saying on here) that I was likely going to build a kayak this coming winter.  Or, to be more specific, one of these:

But, looking in my rented garage I noticed with all the bikes there won't be enough room.  I could move them around and get things done, but, the smallish garage got me thinking about other things.

First off, I'm renting.  To be more specific, I'm renting a two bedroom, cookie-cutter apartment.  Blah is the operative word.  It is OK, but nothing more than that.

Now that I've been here for some months I've had a change to look around.  I sort of know where I want to live and where I don't.  All that being said, instead of building a kayak, maybe I'll put that on hold and build one of these:

I've carpentry skills, both rough and finish.  I've been giving this some thought.  My apartment lease is up at the end of January.  Not prime build time around here.  However, from January on I could go a shorter term lease or month-to-month why I get the land lined up and wait for the end of the rainy season.  I'd hire the stuff done I don't want to do - concrete work, or are not qualified to do - plumbing and electrical.  Sweat equity would be both enjoyable and a way to get exactly what I want and at a good price.

Visiting a local lumber type store I picked up a book of home plans.  I'm not sure where this idea will end up but I am exploring it seriously.

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