Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tour Guiding

With visitors here this past Labour Day weekend, I was playing Tour Guide.  We found some interesting stone sculptures

on Bainbridge Island.

Having seen the movie The Mask, I didn't dare put this on.  Things are goofy enough around here.

Vashon Island had simpler things to take.

Vashon also had a nifty lighthouse with a view of Mt. Rainier (between the flagpole and lighthouse) to boot.

Of course margaritas were consumed.

A visit to Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge had wildlife posing for pictures.

Both critters were from me to you, or five feet - whichever is closer, away from me.

It was a very nice four-day weekend.  The weather cooperated nicely.

This coming weekend I'm either planning an urban bike ride in Seattle, a bike tour around most all Vashon Island, and/or a trip to Issaquah from some mountain biking on the Grand Ridge Trail and Duthie Hill.

In two weekends - by that time my renewed passport should be here - likely a trip to Victoria, B.C. via ferry from Port Angeles, WA for some sight seeing probably by bike and maybe on foot.

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