Monday, March 11, 2013

Green Mountain

This past Saturday I'd threatened to go to Seattle for the day.  Saturday the sun was shining, temperatures were in the mid 50's, and I just couldn't bring myself to spend lots of the day in the car and inside at the bike expo.  So, I opted to do a mountain bike ride at Green Mountain.  Click on the pictures for bigger views.

Green mountain trails are open to ATV's, motor-sickles, horses, hikers, and yes, mountain bikes.  Because of the (extreme) multi-use, the trails are not always friendly though they are quite wide.  I started at the Wildcat Trailhead and made way up.  I notice a few lesser trails going this way and that.  I did not take any of them today.  I'll explore those another time.

Though the trails are open to ATV's and motor-sickles, they are not in poor shape.  I saw one motor-sickle as I was getting on the trail.  I heard them as I rode, but did not see another one all day.  I was happy for this.  I did see one other mountain biker and several hikers, with and without dogs.

The trailheads at Green mountain are pretty much at the lowest elevation.  I spend about 2 1/2 hours (mostly) climbing.  I did do some hike-a-bike climbs today.  Those climbs were steep and had several water bars to contend with.  When I get my fat ass back into physical condition, I expect I'll be riding those areas.

I set 4 PM as my turn-around time.  This was my first time at Green Mountain and didn't want to make a navigational error and be out in the woods after dark.  I spun the bike around and headed (mostly) downhill back to the parking lot.  It took me 40 minutes.

Though Green mountain has some steeper sections and is open to more users groups than I prefer, it is a nice place to ride and an excellent place to train.  I've made a mental note to return often to get myself into condition.  The downhill reward for the effort required to climb is a blast!  If you're interested, you can see all the pictures HERE.

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