Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Playing Tourist

I had a visitor from Thee Olde Country here for four days this past extended weekend.  I needed to act as tour guide even though I've only lived here for just over a month.

To get things kicked off in the right direction breakfast was had which included a Bloody Mary for each of us.

I must say, the Bloody Mary was quite good.  There's nothing I like to do more than drink and drive.  (disclaimer, I had ONE Bloody Mary and a long walk before departing and it wasn't very strong, though quite tasty)  We made our way North to Port Townsend for some funky store shopping and a ferry ride to Whidbey Island.

The next day there was a much shorter drive to a different ferry and a boat ride to Seattle.  After checking out some public transportation options, it was time to do the most touristy thing of all - The Space Needle!

There are quite good views from up there including Mt. Rainier (which is sort of faint in the picture below - click for big, it might show up better).

A building down below had two spiders painted all 3-D like on the roof.

After a very good dinner we were off to Tractor for some live music.

A late night at Tractor made for a late morning getting asses out of bed.  The weather was very nice so we opted for 18 holes of disc golf.  Sorry, but I forgot to take the camera.

It was a fun weekend looking around, eating and drinking some the area's finest, and taking it somewhat easy.  The long-term forecast is for nice weather again this coming weekend.  I'll be getting some riding in for sure.  I might even elect to get up close and personal with Mt. Rainier. There's still snow, but still, it will be fun.  Plus, I need to get my annual National Park pass.

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