Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mind Change

In my last post I'd hinted I might go do the Tulip Pedal ride near Mt. Vernon, WA this coming weekend.  I'm leaning toward a mind change.  I'm not sure I can do two roadie type bike rides on consecutive weekends.  Instead, I'm thinking a short drive to Issaquah, getting on the Grand Ridge Trail, and ending up and playing at Duthie Hill.

Duthie is much more than just jump lines and gap jumps that's sort of depicted in the above video.  The weather is supposed to be good this weekend and I'm looking to get back to Grand Ridge and Duthie.  It should make for pretty much a several hour excursion.

I am planning on taking many more pictures this time around.  I'm slowly getting my ass into shape and I won't be riding with the dudes who've been riding all winter.

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  1. Looks like you're settling in nicely. Boy, that's a good looking chick a couple of pages back.