Monday, April 1, 2013

Seattle Urban

Saturday a co-worker and I decided an urban ride in Seattle would be a great way to celebrate the great weather.

We congregated in Bremerton and put our bikes on the Seattle Ferry.

The crossing takes about an hour, but there's great scenery to look at so it seems much shorter.

Once off the ferry we rode a few city streets and then found paved bike paths.  There are a LOT in and around Seattle.

We made our way to the boat locks.  Also there is a "fish ladder."  It is a way for the salmon to get up stream where the locks are.  The little fellow below is the only fish we saw as it is not prime salmon run time.  There's a nifty place to go into to see into the fish ladder.  There are several windows, about 5 foot by 5 foot, to get a good view of the salmon running.

We did see this floating crane thing taking a boat in the direction of the rail draw bridge you can see going up.

We made our way through Seattle past the University of Washington. 

We ended up going way up North.  I am wishing I had one of those handy-dandy GPS things that records where you go so you can then download the data to a map things.

With the unseasonably dry weather and the temperatures close to 70 degrees, EVERYONE was outside doing stuff.

Eventually we ended up as far north as we were going to go.  We stopped at a local bakery for lunch.  We dined outside with a couple of locals.

After lunch we decide to point to bikes back toward downtown and the ferry.  We did make a point to stop by the Public Market area.

We arrived at the ferry terminal 10 minutes before the next sailing.  This was not planned but a great stroke of good luck.  We loaded and were on our way back to Bremerton.

Whenever it gets nice out, the clouds are gone, and the fog lifts, the locals talk about "the mountain being out."  What this means is you can get a good view of Mt. Rainier.  The mountain (and all of the Cascades and Olympics for that matter) was out in all its glory on Saturday.

Somehow I managed to intersect my leg with a fender bracket.  It bled pretty good.  However, it attracted neither vampires nor zombies.  We were golden.

If you click on any or all of the pictures you'll get a bigger version.  And, if you want to see the whole set, go HERE.  

Sunday was spent in the Port Gamble area mountain biking.  I'll have that recap probably on Wednesday.

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