Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Home Sick

Monday and Tuesday I was home from work and feeling like crap.  Please don't confuse being home sick with being homesick.

I felt too crappy to do much but sit around or lay around waiting for things to feel better.  Thoroughly boring.  I don't do "sick" well.

All of this is a rather poor segue into my upcoming two weeks off.  The shipyard where I work shuts down for a week around X-moose and New Year's.  I took off a few days ahead of and behind that to make a nifty two weeks off.

I'll be driving (yep, that's right, driving) back to the Midwest to visit family (mostly) and friends.  I'll load the vehicle with stuff including cold weather gear.  One can't be traipsing through the Rockies in the dead of winter without cold weather gear.

When I moved out here I was driving the biggest U-Haul truck they'd rent me and pulling a trailer with the vehicle on it.  This time I'll be sporting the camera and looking around a bit more.  This isn't exactly the best time of year to be visiting the Little Big Horn, but I may make a stop anyway.

Look for sporadic posts until 2014.  In the meantime, get working on those New Year's Resolutions you've been putting off.

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