Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dance Card Beginning to Fill

I was alerted to a summer bike festival just a bit east of here.  The Gigantic Bicycle Festival looks to be a ton of fun.

Here's the description copied and pasted from the website:

The Pacific Northwest's Music & Arts Celebration of the Bicycle. 

Gigantic Bicycle Festival is the Pacific Northwest’s annual summer celebration of bicycle culture. The two day, mid-August festival features a diverse, gloriously multifaceted and regionally representative mix of live music, hand-built bicycles, visual & performance art, film, comedy, guest speakers, sculpture, and interactive installation pieces. 

Many festival goers arrive at the grounds via bicycle along supported (and highly praised) century and 77 mile road rides leaving Seattle’s Magnuson Park in the early morning. 

Monthly art installations and film screenings begin in May, presenting previews to August and taking over venues and gallery spaces in the greater Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas.

This appears to be a great time!  Planning is in the works.  Co-workers and I are forming a "team."  The tentative game plan is to take the Friday before and the Monday after off work.  One does not drive to this.  One rides to the ride and then rides home.  I'm thinking Long Haul Trucker fully loaded.  You know, tent, gear, foods, flasks of whiskey - the usual essentials for riding loaded.

If you're from around here and want to join in the fun - contact me!  If you're not from around here and want to join in the fun - contact me!  I know, I know, August is a long ways off.  But, if you send them some (registration) money and put it on your calendar, well, excuses will seem lame AND in short supply.

Sort of related, I found a TON of bikey type things to do around here this summer.  Some will be roadie type and others will be mountain biking and others yet will be bike packing.  I'll hit on a few of those later this week.  Probably.

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