Monday, March 31, 2014

Thee Bike Shop Progress

This past weekend I started organizing the finished room in the garage.  It is to be Thee Bike Shop.  The black thing on the counter resembling a microwave oven is a microwave oven.  At the apartment I moved from, it did not have a microwave oven.  So I bought one.  I was thinking of selling it for a few bucks.  But now I think I'll keep it out in Thee Bike Shop.

I have these hanger things to hang bikes on the walls.  I've five bikes hung so far.  I think I need at least one more hanger.  The bikes with kick stands will stand.  The Moonlander won't fit the hanger thing.  It wall leans.

The bikes will be hung out of the way or put up against a wall sort of out of the way.  All the bike tools, spare parts, etc. will go in the cabinets.

Yes, there is a wood burner stove in Thee Bike Shop.  There's also a small, in wall, thermostat controlled, heater.  It is set on as low as it goes - 50 degrees.  Which, coincidentally, is the minimum temperature suggested to let, say, fiberglassing cure.  As in, a Pygmy Kayak fiberglassed boat.

I do still intend to put one together.  Now I have a place.  It is mostly climate controlled and out of the outdoors.

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