Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday Loop Ride

On Saturday a co-worker came over with bike.  We departed on a little ride around of central Kitsap county.

I've an idea for a new bike to work commuting route and wanted to test it.  The co-worker knows pretty much all the roads around here and was up to check things out.  He made a few changes in the route but all-in-all it was good.  Ride time from my place to work is going to be approximately one hour.

We stopped in downtown Bremerton at a coffee house.  A roller has to load up on caffeine and sugary foods now and then.  As we departed the coffee house it began to sprinkle.

We made our way over the Manette Bridge and into East Bremerton.  We followed the water, mostly, and to Illahee State Park.

Illahee is a small state park complete with bathrooms, campsites, a beach, and guns.  Climb on a gun, have your picture taken!

We did roll down the switch backs to the beach.  There we chatted with a couple visiting from Nebraska.  The rain was beginning to pick up so up the switch backs we went.

We continued to follow the water north.  The nice, quiet backroads made for a pleasant ride.  When we made it almost to Poulsbo, we angled west and toward my place.

Even though it rained at bit, it was a nice day for a ride.  We did 40 miles.  About the right amount without another food stop and in the early season.

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