Friday, May 10, 2013

Bikes and Beer

This coming Saturday, as in tomorrow, I'm meeting a co-worker for a roadie type ride.  Thee game plan is to hop thee ferry for Vashon Island, ride around there for a bit and partake in some pastries and coffee, before departing by ferry once again for Seattle.

From there we'll make our way back to here via back roads and thee Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  I've wanted to bike that bridge since I moved here.

On thee way back to here there's going to be a stop in Gig Harbor for Thee Gig Harbor Beer Festival.

Thee beer festival doesn't start until noon or 1 PM or something and runs until 6 PM.  We're planning on an early morning ferry crossing/ride so we should be able to get some decent mileage.  Prior to beering up, we'll find a nice local establishment to feed.

In other news, I've been researching sailing schools.  I've found one that runs Friday evenings, all day Saturday and all day Sunday for two consecutive weekends.  It's not very expensive and should be fun and educational.

Since I live in primo sailing world, it would sort of be a shame not to learn to do this.

In other, other news, I'm also thinking of building a kayak.  If that goes well, perhaps I might segue into building a small sailboat.  I'm good with my hands and enjoy woodworking projects.  I'm going to need a shop of sorts, though.....

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