Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Recon

According to the locals, the monsoon season really isn't over yet. But, you sure can't tell by the weather we've been having all week and projecting well into next.  In a word - stellar.  Few clouds, plenty of sun, and highs in the 60's and 70's.  This is why I moved here - the incredible weather in non monsoon season.

I've been thinking bike packing lately.  With my every-other-weekend-is-a-three-day-weekend work schedule, I've started to scout places online.  This Saturday I'll be doing some exploring by bike.

The details are yet to be finalized.  I do know I'll be driving (I know, I know) east of here a bit.  The general idea is to explore the Rattlesnake Lake (go to that link and read, it's short but interesting in a quirky way) and Snoqualmie Pass area of the state.  There are some rails-to-trails, trails to explore and MANY Forest Service roads.

One trail I might be checking out is the Iron Horse Trail.  Supposedly, this trail runs from Rattlesnake Lake all the way to Idaho.  In reality, it is part of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail that does run all the way to Idaho.

While the game plan for Saturday is out in the woods riding around, Sunday might bring another urban ride in Seattle.  A co-worker suggested we take the ferry from Bremerton and explore more of the paved trails Seattle has to offer.  In particular, the Burke-Gilman Trail might be the target of our bike rubber.

I'm so looking forward to this predicted great weather weekend.  The rumour is we might see highs approaching 80 this weekend.  Even though it does get that warm and warmer around here, the 80's are a bit warmer than "average."  My pasty white legs might become lobster red this weekend!  I hope those visuals keep you up at night.

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