Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Night Ride

It hasn't rain since Sunday and isn't supposed to for the foreseeable future.  Sun abounds.  I used the evening to get my butt and single speed mountain bike (Surly Karate Monkey) over to Banner Forest for some riding.

Banner Forest is just that - a forest.  And taking pictures isn't hard, it's just they all seem to look quite similar.

Banner is pretty flat.  The trails just south of the parking lot had quite a few muddy spots.  However, as I worked farther west, the trails were in very good shape.

Banner is quite a maze of trails.  There's not a map there but there is one online.  Only a handful of trails are marked.

Banner is close to where I live.  Maybe five miles, maybe a bit less.  So, it makes for great after work riding and exploration.  Now that the sun is around quite a bit, I hope to discover more of Banner's trails and get some feel for where I am when I'm there.

I'd like to go there on a Saturday morning.  That way, if/when I get lost, I have all day to find my way out.  Since the whole land area is only one mile by one mile, I could always bush whack my way to a bordering road if it came to that.

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