Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Preview

The game plan is set.  Saturday I shall awaken early in order to bike to Bremerton.  Once there I shall load my carcass and bike onto the ferry and make way to Seattle.  I've a pretty good idea of an urban route to get me to Everett.

As previously advertised, I'm going to attend the Gear Up Expo.  I'm looking forward to checking out the gear and adventure providing vendors wares.  I'm also looking forward to some of the speakers.

One of the speakers is Jim Whittaker.  Jim is the first American to scale Mt. Everest. He's a former CEO of REI.  He's sailed across the Pacific with his wife and two sons.  In short, a dude I'd really like to meet and hang out with.  I'm sure he's great stories.

When I'm done Expo-ing, I'll make my way back to Seattle, ferry up, and ride the remaining distance home.  I've got Sunday plans, too.

Sunday early-ish I'm meeting a co-worker at his new home.  He's doing some remodeling before he moves in.  He wants to relocate a supporting column and install some door headers.  I'll take some measurements and do some engineering calculations.  I'll let him know where moving the column is OK and what size and how many wood pieces to use as headers.  Free of charge of course!  Well, he'll probably owe me beers.

Once done I'm going to make my way back to Mt. Rainier National Park.  I'm taking better foot ware and my camera with a fully charged battery.  There's trails to be explored.

Looking on a map I think I've found a nice loop hike.  It would probably require an overnight in the woods to complete.  I intend to scout it a bit to see if my assumption is close to correct.  If so, I'd like to give this a whirl the weekend after this coming.  That weekend will be my three day weekend.  I've been itching to spend some time in the woods and camp.  REI just delivered my new water purifier and Big Agnes Q-Core sleeping pad.  There's gear to be tested!

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  1. Sounds like you're having a great time, buddy!