Monday, August 26, 2013

Non Woods Weekend

For those who might think I spend every weekend in the woods, not this past one.  Instead I made a trip to Seattle on Saturday.  I needed a bedroom dresser.  I found one.  I also managed to stay clear of REI.

Also instead of the woods, I organized some bike stuff.  I am making decisions on a few bikes I have.

About a year ago I bought a his and hers Schwinn Suburban.  They are both in pretty good shape though they need some care and updating.  I think I am going to tear the wheels apart.  I'm going to update the rims to lighter and stronger materials and to ensure modern tires will work well with them.  They should be re-cabled.  I'm not sure if I'll leave the original brakes on or update them as well.

A few years back I bought a 1977 Raleigh frame.  I had it sand blasted and then powder coated.  I build it up as a fixed gear bike.  Since moving to the hilly Pacific Northwest, this is the bike that doesn't see pretty much any ride time.  I'm considering converting this into a conventionally geared roadie type bike.  Though I have bikes that are pretty much pavement types, none are lighter weight, go faster, roadie type.

Lastly, I am considering gearing my coveted single speed Surly Cross Check.  I built this bike as my commuter.  I am sort of thinking internally geared hub on the back and maybe a dynamo hub on the front.  We'll see on this.  I am very split on going gears on this bike.  I'll be thinking on this a lot before any decisions are made.

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