Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Since I moved here in February I've been exploring around pretty much on my own.  I have been invited to participate in some group mountain bike outings.  A co-worker has been my roadie bike ride tour guide.  But, most things and especially wilderness things, have been solo, find my own way, efforts.

In an effort to expand my opportunities and meet like-minded individuals, I've joined two organizations.  The Mountaineers is one such group.  With various chapters around this area and a huge calendar of activities, this group is right up my alley.

I also found Cascade Orienteering Club.  With an orienteering event almost every weekend throughout the year, I intend to use this as a winter activity to get/stay fit and to keep my orienteering skills sharp.  As I get to know more of the area and want to get deeper into the wilderness, map and compass skills are needed.

Since orienteering meets are timed this could be my reintroduction to running, albeit trail running.  Placing well in meets is minor, getting and staying fit while keep my orienteering skills sharp is the primary focus.  I'll start looking at their calendar a bit harder after Labor Day.

Just like there's no shortage of outdoor recreational activities to do here, there's also no shortage of like-minded types and organizations to organize events.

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