Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Next Trip

I spent yesterday evening sorting out my gear and figuring out my food.  The small bear keg came from REI.  It's not appreciably lighter than the bigger one, but, it does take up about half the space.

My game plan is to get up early on Friday and drive to Glacier, WA and stop and the Ranger station.  I'll gather my back country permit and be off.  If you have a map, I'll be headed up toward Mt. Baker taking I-5 North to Burlington, jogging over to highway 9, taking that North to highway 542, and then following 542 east to almost its end.  The goal is North Cascades National Park.

Here's a proximity map (click it for bigger):

At Silver Fir I'll be taking the dirt road to the Hannegan trailhead.  My destination is Copper Creek campground on the Chilliwack trail for Friday night.  On Saturday I'll head back West to Boundary campsite where I'll make a hard right hand turn and then take the Copper Ridge Trail to Selisia campsite.  That is where I'll stay Saturday night.  I'm keeping my daily mileage lower this trip.  I don't know this park at all.  If I move relatively quickly, I'll set up camp and then do some unloaded hiking to explore.

Tonight I'll make a grocery store run for a few items.  I need to mix up some more GORP, too.  Thursday night I'll be in bed early.  I need to get up early Friday for the drive.

I have a four day weekend on Labor Day weekend.  Sadly, it won't involve the Dakota Five-0 mountain bike race.  Instead I've company coming in.  I'll be tour guiding around.  My next longer weekend, two weekends after that one, I plan to be in the woods again.  I don't know how much longer I have before the monsoon season returns.  I plan to use every opportunity to be outside for as long as I can.

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