Friday, August 16, 2013

To North Cascades National Park

In a few minutes I'll be departing for Glacier, WA to the National Park Service / Forest Service Center to obtain my (free!) back country permit for North Cascades National Park.  I should arrive ahead of the 8 AM opening to secure the places I want to go.

I've made some changes since my last backpacking adventure.  I've lightened my loaded backpack from 49.0 lbs on that trip to 38.6 lbs this trip.  This was mostly accomplished by not carrying as much water with me.  I also reduced the amount of food I'm carrying.  I had a bit left over last time.  I was going to switch out the Big Agnes Q-Core air matress for my thinner Thermarest.  However, the scale had them with in a few ounces of each other.

I'll be skirting the Nooksack River and the Chilliwack River on Friday.  If I need water, I'll filter some from there.

Click for bigger.

My intention is to make it to Copper Creek campground for Friday night.  Saturday I'll back-track to the fork and head up the Copper Ridge Trail to Silesia campground.  I'll either grab some water before I head up Copper Ridge Trail, or, make it to the campground, set up camp, and hike the 0.4 miles to Egg Lake to water up.

Sunday I'll make my way back down the trail to the Hannegan trailhead where my vehicle is (supposed to be) waiting.  That's where I'll be parking it later this morning.

I've been looking at some online stuff and some guide books.  I'm betting this is an area I'll want to come back to when I've more than just three days.  It would be pretty cool to touch the Canadian border on a future trip.

Pending my anticipated return to my domicile on Sunday evening, I'll have a recap, complete with pictures, on Monday.  Tuesday if I make it back late.  Since I'm keeping my daily mileage lower this trip, I should be back in plenty of time to unload, shower up, beer up, get some weekly groceries, AND download and upload pictures with the recap.  Or, maybe it will be so fricking awesome there I'll dawdle.

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