Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Days Off, Canada, Ed Viesturs

In my last communication I'd mentioned I was about to have a few days off work.  My original idea was to make a shortish trip through the southern portion of British Columbia, Canada.  As I was making plans for this I received an invitation in my emaily inbox.

Renowned mountain climber Ed Viesturs was scheduled to speak at The Mountaineers main building in Seattle on Monday evening.  How could I pass this up?  I didn't.

Back to Canada.....  I drove to Port Angeles, WA on Saturday morning to catch the 8:20 AM ferry sailing.  From departure to feet on the dock, it's only a 90 minute jaunt.  I found a great deal on a swanky hotel room in downtown Victoria.

Of course I left the vehicle in Port Angeles and took a bike to Victoria.  Victoria is very bike friendly.  Plus, I did not have to concern myself with finding parking spots.  Local cuisine was consumed, local attractions visited, and a great time was had while in Canada.

Monday late afternoon I boarded the Washington State Ferry at the terminal in Bremerton, WA to head over to Seattle.  After a few errands and chowing down, I made my way over to The Mountaineers for the talk by Ed Veisturs.  Ed mostly talked about his many ascents of Mt. Everest and his latest book, "The Mountain: Epic Adventures on Everest."

Immediately after his talk he was interviewed in front of the crowd by Fitz Cahall.  A few questions were fielded from the audience. As the evening was drawing to a close, Ed sat in the back of the room chatting with attendees and signing copies of his new book.

I've three days of work this week.  This coming weekend I've relented to sequester myself at home to study up for my Wilderness First Responder recertification class.  The class is the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The recertification classes will involve many outdoor "rescues" as well as some class time to get updates and learn new medical techniques.  I'm looking forward to this process.

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