Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Study Time, Land Ho

If I didn't mention it yet, here you go.  If I already mentioned it, sorry for the repeat.  I've signed up to get re-certified as a Wilderness First Responder.  I'll be attending the classes November 7th - 9th at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA.  The classes in Bremerton mean a short commute for me, not much for travel expenses, and I get to sleep in my bed each night.

I've taken out my textbook and my notes from the week-long class from almost two years ago.  I'll be studying up from essentially now until the class.  There will be a written and practical exam at the end.

Separately, it is getting time to find some viable land parcels.  I want to have my ducks in a row when it comes time to pull the house building/home ownership trigger.  A co-worker has some extra acres.  I'll be looking at those.  I'll also be looking at other areas.

I'd like to have a few acres.  I don't like having neighbors right on top of me.  And, if the land has some contours to play with, some singletrack would be nice.  Perhaps a pump track as well.

This coming weekend there will be a home improvement type expo at the fairgrounds.  I'll attend to get the low-down on all the newest technology.  I'll incorporate as many energy efficient techniques as I can in this place.

I hope to bring the home building thing to fruition next summer.  My fall back position is to buy something existing.  What I know for sure is I'm tires of apartment living.  Having my own place set up to my liking would be so much better.

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