Friday, November 1, 2013

National Geographic Speaker Series

National Geographic reached out to me via email and snail-mail.  Both mediums advertised the same thing - "National Geographic Live!  Seattle 2014 Speaker Series."

The dates of the series are in the thick of the Pacific Northwest monsoon season.  This looks like a good way to distract a dude from the rainy season here.

There's a price break for subscribing to all of the sessions.  I am not good at planning that far in advance.  Though I'd like to attend all speaker's talks, I'll probably end up doing it on a session by session basis.  Sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of plans.

With the Banff Mountain Film festival in December and this speaker series, it looks like I'll have something to look forward to every month with the exception of February.  That might be a good month to visit a Southwestern part of the United States mountain bike venue.

The last thing, I encourage you to watch the video below.  If I were you, I'd click on the "full screen" button thing.  It's pretty good.

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