Friday, November 29, 2013

My Big Fat (Bike) Thanksgiving

I can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving than being outside, in the woods, and on a bike.  I ventured north of here a bit past Poulsbo and sort of toward Kingston to North Kitsap Heritage Park.  The park has some nice, though easy non-technical, multi-use trails.

Clicking on the pictures makes them bigger, by the way.

I began my ride at the number 1 on the map.  That's where a parking lot is. 

With my floor pump out of commission I took a bike that had (more than) adequate tire pressure.  In this case it was the Surly Moonlander.

If you go back to the map for a minute you'll notice every trail junction is numbered.  At each trail junction there is a post with placards and numbers on them.  The numbers on the posts correspond with the numbers on the map.  The number on the post shown below is almost completely blocked by the bike seat.

With my new handy-dandy tripod thing, I can take pictures of - - - - - - - me!

I explored many of the trails.  One of which was a gravel road leading to a gate (which was closed) with led to a paved road which led to the sign in the picture below which is at Kingston Road which is a very short distance from a house I seriously considering buying.  Sweet!

When I needed a break I made my way back to the car for Thanksgiving dinner comprised of a Clif Bar, coconut Chai tea, and Hammer Gel for dessert!  Oh, don't cry for me, Argentina.  Several people invited me to their places for Thanksgiving.  "You shouldn't be alone for Thanksgiving!" was the usual.  Screw that!  The weather was outstanding as was the biking.  I chose wisely.

I did see a few signs like this.  Judging by the trails, few, if any, vehicles this sign targets were ever on the trails.

Judging from the picture below, this park is haunted by formless ghosts.  I have no idea what made that white form in front of the camera.  Weird.  No ghosts tried to knock me off my bike and take it for a spin.

The trail beginning at the "Trail Not Maintained" sign seemed to be the opposite of "not maintained."  Though I found a few of these trails, they are not on the map.  However, they were fun to ride.

What's a trailhead without a kiosk?  If you'll notice on the right side of the kiosk at about the middle brochure thing, there are some walking sticks with leather cords at the top hanging from a hook on the side of the kiosk.  Forgot your walking stick?  No worries!  They're here to borrow!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  One of the things I'm thankful for is the large number of very nice trails to ride on.  It was a nice outing on a great day.

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