Monday, November 11, 2013


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I was in class all day working on my Wilderness First Responder recertification and CPR recertification.  I'm happy to report I've passed both.

The class was taught by National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) instructors

from their Wilderness Medical Institute branch.

There were 26 of us in the class.  The class was about 60% women and 40% dudes.  Most were from around this area.  They all had cool backgrounds and an avid interest of the outdoors and being outdoors.  In other words - exactly my Tribe.

Some of the class was spent inside in the classroom but more was outside doing "scenarios."  A "scenario" is a set up rescue.  The "patient" is given instructions on how to act, what to say, and more often than not given quite realistic looking makeup for bruises, blood, cuts, impalement, etc.  The rescuers followed the protocol in determining what was wrong and fixing.  "Scenarios" are my favorite part of class.  "Patients" always took their roll seriously and didn't help or hint to provide as realistic as we can get without actual problems.

Today I've got some errands, chores, and the like.  However, I can hear the Olympic Mountains calling.  I might scoot over the Olympic National Park for a day hike.  If so, I'll have something to talk about Wednesday and probably have some pictures, too.

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