Thursday, January 30, 2014

Green Mountain Revisited

Friday evening I received a call suggesting a ride on and around (not in that order) Green Mountain.  Green Mountain is a mountain (duh) that is a county park and open to pedestrians, motor-sicklers, horse types, and mountain bikers.  Though those four food groups sound like conflict waiting to happen, that proves to not be the case.  Each group kinda sorta has trails they favor and stick to.

Anyway, back to Green Mountain.  A group of four Gringos met at a local business and convoyed our vehicles to a trailhead I didn't even know existed.  It was quite a ways from the usual Green Mountain trailheads.  This served to show me some new areas to ride, minimize the driving, and maximize the riding.

Here's some pictures that were taken by Not Me.  I didn't bring my camera and this is what's available.  Click 'em, they bigger.

Is was a cooler morning and the layers felt good.  But, as so many mountain bike rides seem to be, it started with a climb.  And then, more climbing.

When we did finally reach the top, there were some decent views.

And some ugly dudes at the top as well.

The Four Riders of the Apocalypse.  Picture by some random dude at the top.

The Olympic Mountains can be seen in the distance.

Three of four riders.  Fourth taking the picture.

Yes, that's frost on the road.  I told you it was a cooler morning.

This "bridge" is a piece of plastic corrugated pipe cut longitudinally and had asphalt shingles nailed to the bottom for traction.

In the deepest jungles of Green Mountain.

It was a great day of riding.  We rode for about four hours.  For early season, that was long enough.  I was exposed to trails I didn't know were there including the "super secret" one.  With only one time in this area I don't think I could find it if my life depended on it.  So, "super secret" it remains.

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