Monday, January 27, 2014

Saturday Walkabout

I was planning a bike ride for Saturday.  But, a phone call from a co-worker regarding a ride on Sunday thought I should be saving my legs.  Instead I went on Walkabout.

Kitsap County has these nice, small parks scattered around the county.  They are not huge acreage wise, but they are nice hiking or biking places that are close by.  Saturday's first destination was Anderson Landing Preserve.

What's a park without a kiosk including a map?

The trails were generally wide.  They covered most all of the land area of the park.  As you see the trails on the map, I managed to hit every one of them.

I suppose I was there for a hour and a half.

There were some great views of the Hood Canal portion of Puget Sound.

There were also great views of the Olympic mountains.

After I was done at the trails in Anderson Landing Preserve, I made my way a bit farther west to Scenic Beach State Park.  There I found dire warnings.

But great views of the Olympics from the beach.

And more dire warnings.

It was a nice afternoon of exploring on walkabout.  I plan to return to Scenic Beach State Park with my touring bike loaded with booze, gear, food, and such.  It looks like a great place to do an overnight bike excursion.

Sunday I spent much time in the woods on a mountain bike with co-workers.  I'll give that report on Wednesday.

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