Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pacific Ocean

Living in the Pacific Northwest I thought I might focus on the "Pacific" part.  This past weekend I made a scouting excursion to the Pacific coast.  Specifically, Olympic National Park.  There's a sliver of the park that's detached from the main part of the park and it is right along the Pacific Ocean.

After I parked and headed for the beach I was warned.

I did see many remnants of former sea creatures.

But what I really went to see was the sea.  Or, in this case, the Pacific Ocean.  There it was!

What's a beach without a few rocks?

I didn't have a watch so a sundial had to do.  1:30 PM.  Time for the tide to come back in.

Walking the beach I thought, "Yep.  I'm going to have to come back with the Surly Moonlander fat bike along."

Short shells cast short shadows.

I get why the warning about swimming and getting beaned by driftwood.  Most of the driftwood is quite large logs.

There were many nice views.

And funky rock formations.

And waves coming in breaking over smaller rocks with big rock formations in the background.

What's a trip to the beach without a Moment of Zen.

I think I shall return this upcoming weekend with a fatbike, tent, food,  andliquor (of course!).  I'll have a nice weekend riding and sucking up the ocean stuff.  The weather is unseasonably dry right now and it is supposed to hold through the weekend.  Advantage will be taken full.

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