Monday, February 24, 2014

Chilly Hilly Recap

I rode the Chilly Hilly bike ride yesterday.  However, I don't have any photographic evidence.  You see, I'm moving.  I have a vague idea of where my camera is, but I can't pin down specifics.

I left the place for Bainbridge Island for a 9 AM rendezvous with a co-worker and one of his off-spring.  The ride was the annual Chilly Hilly.  Roughly 3000 riders show up for this 32 mile, 2800 feet of climbing jaunt around Bainbridge Island.

It was sprinkling when I departed and the rain increased as I got closer.  But, when I pulled into the parking area, the rain stopped - sweet!  The co-worker and off-spring showed up shortly after I did and away we went.

I've not rode every 30-ish mile ride in the universe.  But, I've got to think this is one of the more scenic.  Bainbridge Island is where the hoity-toity crowd live.  The houses are swanky and the scenery is pristine Pacific Northwest.  At certain places there's a great view of the Seattle skyline.

Though temperatures were only about 40 degrees, the ride was outstanding.  There was little, if any, wind and the traffic was very light.  At the half way point there was, yes, chili.  And baked goods.

We left the cars at about 9:30 AM and were back about 1 PM.  No land speed records, but, that was not the intent.  It was a nice ride on a weather cooperative day.  This was my second Chilly Hilly and I'll be sure to be back again.

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