Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good News/Bad News

First, the bad news - it only has two acres.  That's not enough to put much, if any, singletrack on.  The good news - I now have a house.

Back yard with deck in the foreground left, garage in the middle-ground, and fancy shed in the background.

"Plain" shed.

Breakfast nook (never thought I'd have one of these).

"Bubble" tub.

"Fancy" shed.

Fire pit.



Kitchen again.

Laundry room.

Living room (not my furniture).

Other end of the living room (not my furniture or grand piano).

Master bedroom (not my bed, etc.).

Side yard/raised flower beds.

The road which the house is on.  On a non cloudy day there's a GREAT view of the Olympic Mountains.


  1. Damn Snakebite, you're making it harder to resist dragging my butt to the NW woods for a visit! Nice pad.

  2. Nice digs, congratulations! Say, you didn't say "not my car"...