Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unwelcome Neighbour

There's a dude, who works in the same building as me, that lives in my neighbourhood.  The straight line distance between his place and mine is about 1/4 mile.  The drive distance is about one mile.  Anyway, our paths crossed in the hallway at work yesterday.

After pleasantries he'd asked me if I'd seen the bear.

What bear?

Evidently there's a bear in the neighborhood.  According to the dude he tore down part of another person's (guy in the hallway's immediate neighbour) fence.  The next day this person built the fence back only to have it tore down that night.  The day after that the person built the fence back much stronger.  The bear showed its appreciation by physically assaulting the garbage can.

I've yet to see this bear.  In fact, I've yet to see any bear since I moved here just over a year ago.  However, this could change soon.  When I leave in the morning it's quite dark.  I may turn on a few outside lights before I depart the house in the mornings.  Bears get cranky when surprised.

This weekend I might look into a motion detector game camera.  It would be pretty cool to get a picture of the not-so-welcome neighbourhood bear.  It would be even more cool to see the bear live and in person in a non surprised and non cranky mode.

I need to find my camera.

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