Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bend (area) Mountain Biking Recap #1

I'm back from four days on mountain biking in the Bend, OR general area.  In order to milk this a bit, I'm going to provide a recap of each day's action in its own post.

Day one was drive day.  I picked up Brian (who I'd never met before) and we were off to Zig Zag Cabin.  Zig Zag Cabin is a property very near (like within five miles) of the Sandy Ridge trail system.  And when I say cabin, well, it's much more like a second home.

Out behind the "cabin" is a stone paved, large, fire pit seating area.  When I arrive, most everyone was out there chatting and drinking beer from Sound Brewery in Poulsbo, WA.  They were drinking Sound Brewery beer because one of the owners of the brewery comes to this annual thing.  He brings very good beer.

Inside the "cabin" the first floor is a huge living room complete with large stone fireplace, a dining area, and a kitchen.  Also is a bathroom and the master bedroom.  The upstairs covers about 2/3 of the footprint of the house.  It's the main sleeping area for guests.  All in one big, open room is one pool table and about 8 to 10 double beds.  Everyone, excepting couples, had their own bed.

The evening was spent with introductions, beer drinking, and going over the game plan for the next day.  The next morning, the "cabin" owners prepared a lumberjack style and sized breakfast for us.

The owners are interesting in that they allow this annual thing - in fact look forward to it - as they know one of our mountain biking group really well.  Apparently, a daughter of theirs USE to be married to a dude in our mountain biking group.  But, since they like each other so much, this group gets invited back year after year.  If you think that's a bit odd, or out of norm, wait until I get to later posts and describe other's in our eclectic group.  Mind you, when I met these people, I instantly liked them all.  As I'm sure you know, everyone has a personality.  Our group had no shortage there.  I'm sure they have the same opinion of me.  So I won't be poking fun at anyone.  As I said, I instantly liked them all.

The next post - the first day of riding - Sandy Ridge.

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