Monday, May 5, 2014

Saturday Grand Ridge Trail to Duthie Hill Run

I picked up co-worker Dan and we drove to Issaquah, WA.  Our mission was to ride the Grand Ridge Trail from Central Park in Issaquah to Duthie Hill.  We unload the bikes and were riding about 9:30 AM.

We'd noticed quite a few cars and a trailhead a bit farther South.  It seems there was a half marathon/marathon on Grand Ridge Trail that day.  We did, in fact, see quite a few runners.  As we approached them we engaged our manners and moved off the trail.  As an added gesture of good will, hands were extended for high fives.

We came into the Duthie Hill park from the South on Boot Camp trail.  We rode that a bit and then hopped on to Deuces Wild dual slalom to the center section.  We stopped for a Clif Bar when the first wave of rain hit.  Like many other riders, we huddled underneath shelter.

It did not rain long and we were riding again.  The soil is more gravely than dirt/mud and the trail conditions, though not optimal, were still very good.  We rode several laps around the cross country type trails of Boot Camp, Step It Up, and Moving On.  After playing around for probably too long, we made our way back to Issaquah via the Grand Ridge Trail.  We saw some of the same runners on the course and a second round of high fives were served.

Though I think I wore about half of Duthie Hill home per the wet conditions,

the riding was, again, excellent.  There was fun all around.  The Grand Ridge/Duthie Hill ride has become a favorite.

In sort of related news, Tiger Mountain has opened to mountain bikers for the season!

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