Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday May 23 - Sandy Ridge Trails

Friday morning, after a hearty breakfast at Zig Zag "cabin," the group loaded up and headed for Sandy Ridge Trails.  It was about a ten minute drive.  As we unloaded the bikes, it began to rain.  A bike laying on the pavement cast a rain shadow.

Sandy Ridge is a great trail system.  The trails are mostly downhill.  The trails are accessed by riding up a paved road that's closed to cars.  The ride is just over three miles to an upper kiosk.  On our first run we rode up that far and then a bit farther.  We hopped on Follow the Leader, rode it down to Flow Motion, rode that one to the bottom half of Hide and Seek, and then headed back up.  Having trouble with the trail names and such?  Well, the map's HERE.

After intersecting the road we climbed back up to take Three Thirty Eight down to Two Turntables (and a Microwave).  We rode this trail to Hide and Seek.  We were on that only to the cut off and then rode the road back up again.  We ended our riding with taking all of Hide and Seek down to the cars.

The Sandy Ridge trails are fast and laid out well so they flow very nicely.  The downside for us is it misted/sprinkled rain all day.  Everyone was a bit cautious on the rock sections.  The trail proper held up very well and we ripped that.

Feeling like we'd ridden enough for the day.  We loaded up bikes and headed toward our next destination.

We stopped at a pass-through town to hose the bikes off at a self-service car wash.

A word or two about Oregon.  There are some things I did not know regarding that State.  Example - you may not pump your own gas.  It's a State law that gas station employees are the only ones who can do that.  The coolest thing, at least to me, is you can get your beer growler filled at grocery stores!

With a full tank of gas and a growler loaded to capacity, our group made it to our next base camp - a campsite three miles South of Sisters, OR.  We camp here the remaining nights and did day mountain biking excursions from there.  Saturday's ride, and the next blog post recap, is the McKenzie River Trail.

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