Monday, May 12, 2014

Lots O' Stuff Saturday

The original game plan was to do a longer roadie type bike ride on Saturday.  But, with the mountain bikeing trip to Bend, OR coming up over Memorial Day weekend, the mountain biking option was exercised.  I drove to Port Orchard and picked up co-worker Dan.  We spent an additional fifteen minutes driving to KeyPen(nisula) 360 Park.

Co-worked Dan had never been to 360 Park.  This was a perfect opportunity to expose him to somewhere new and not drive very far to get some great riding in.  But, every silver lining has a touch of gray.  Half way through the first lap on the mountain bike specific trails my chain popped off.  Or so I thought.  I looked down at my chain.  My chain was communing with nature laying on the trail looking back up at me.

With a field repair now in order, I sat down in the middle of the trail to do just that.

I've always wondered how the Ellsworth would perform with one chain link removed.  I've never wondered how the Ellsworth would perform with one chain link removed.  So, I removed a link and spliced the chain back together.  Did we stop after we'd completed only one lap?  Are you kidding???

The chain was holding up well.  We finished the first lap, rode another, explored the central meadow area where all the very easy, multi use trails converge, and then headed for the "new section."

The new section is just that.  A very new trail in the cross country variety.  Where as the other portion we'd ridden had a mix of climbs and nice, flowing, banked corner descents, the new had fewer climbs, was not as fast, and a bit tighter.  Not that it was bad.  Exactly the opposite - it was quite good.  But it was also quite different.

We finished the "new section" and rode a double track back to the original section for a third and final lap.  My wounded chain held up the rest of the day.  We headed out after that third lap as I had other things that day.

I dropped co-worker Dan, drove home (without dropping my bike at the bike shop for a new chain as there was not time), showered, and was then off to Kitsap Cabin.  Kitsap Cabin is a property, and cabin (AND a Yurt!) owned and maintained by the outdoor group in which I belong - The Mountaineers.

Earlier in the week I'd received an email stating there was an Open House on the property and would I like to RSVP for dinner there that evening for $8?  Oh yes, I'm in.

I arrived at 2 PM and the gear swap was just starting at the Yurt.  I say "Gear Swap" when in actuality not much gear changed hands but much mingling ensued.  At 3 PM we all exited the Yurt and began an exploration of the property via the trails.

Our first stop was at "Big Tree."  As you might surmise, "Big Tree" is a big tree.  It's a Douglas Fir to be exact.  It is big and definitely a tree.  We back-tracked a bit and then made our way to the outdoor theater.

Arriving at the Outdoor Theater, which has been in operation since 1923, we found rehearsal for the upcoming production in full swing.  It is a musical and, since I don't sing (well), I did not approach the director for a walk-on part in the production.

We made out way back to the Yurt for a PowerPoint presentation on a member's trip to Scotland.  She and her hubby did an eighty mile hike over seven days that took them from Bed & Breakfast to Bed & Breakfast via some wonderful country side and three Lochs (that's "lakes," Gringo) including Loch Ness.  No pictures of the monster shown.

That concluded the open house portion of the day.  We then walked to the cabin and joined quite a bit of the musical theatre production for chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, and lemonade.  The food was outstanding the the folks associated with the musical eccentric.  I sat across from the sound technician who'd been doing that job for 41 years.

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