Friday, June 20, 2014


Today is Friday and my every-other-Friday-off.  What am I going to do?  Yard work.  Yuck.

From there, things only look up.  Tonight it is sounding like Thai food and maybe following that up with a trip to the drive-in movie theater for a double header feature.  We'll see.  Saturday I'll step it up some notches.  I'm planning on what is becoming one of my favorite bike rides. Issaquah, WA to hop on the Grand Ridge Trail ending up, and playing at, Duthie Hill.  I might even do that again on Sunday.  I'm trying to develop my jumping.

I'm trying to develop my some jumping skills because the longer range game plan is to head to Canada with a mountain bike to hit a few places.  I found a campground at Lake Squamish.  Near Squamish is the Half Nelson mountain bike trail.  Video (not by me) here:

My tentative plan is leave here right after work on July 31st and then ride August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  I'd come back on the 3rd as well.

What would a trip to North of Vancouver, BC be without a trip to Whistler Mountain Bike Park?  If you said, "A wasted trip." I'd agree.  The maps for Whistler are HERE.  Yes, we've all heard of the A Line Trail.....

....but there's much more than that.  I do think investing in a full-face helmet and some knee and elbow pads might be wise.  I think this will not necessarily be a "try-not-to-die" experience.  My greatest fear is I'll love it so much I'll end up needing/buying another bike.  One with more beef and travel.

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