Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Night Ride

As a dues paying, card carrying member of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, I get word of rides.  The West Sound Chapter does a Tuesday night ride every week at Stottlemeyer / Port Gamble Tree farm.  I've joined in the festivities.

Photo from the West Sound Chapter Book of Faces weblinkpagething.

Some nights there's 50 riders.  Almost all nights the masses are divided into fast, medium, and slower groups.  This keeps things fun, and within skill levels, for everyone.

Tonight I'll be back at it.  I'll be sporting the Surly Karate Monkey single speed.  I love this bike and haven't had a chance to ride it much lately.  Presto change-o!  I'll be riding it tonight.  I'll launch with the Medium group and see how it goes.  I can always graduate up to the Fast group at another Tuesday ride.

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