Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Campin' Time!

Lately the weather has been stellar.  The sun is shining and the daily high temperatures are in the 70's.  It's time to go camping.

This coming weekend is my three-day weekend.  I'm going to take advantage by throwing some gear in the vehicle and making my way to Mt. Rainier National Park.

I've done a bit of campground research online and will decide on the campsite soon-ish.  My game plan is to set up a base camp and do day hikes and such from there.  I've two new pieces of gear I wish to test out.

The first is the Big Agnes Q-Core sleeping pad.

The second is a Sawyer gravity water purification system.

I'm looking forward to three days in the woods, hiking and taking pictures, and trying out the new gear.  I'll pack up either Thursday evening or Friday morning and make the two hour (or a bit less) drive Friday.  Since bikes are not allowed on the trails, I'll probably go sans bike.  Full report to follow.

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