Friday, June 21, 2013

Grindstone, Nose To It

Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of my fun time.  Today was supposed to be my every-other-Friday off.  Instead, I'll be at work.

I've been on a special, and very hot project, the last two weeks.  Now it's coming to a head.  Decisions need to be made, meetings have to be met, and engineering needs to be done.  I've been asked to work today instead of having it off.  Since the weather has taken a turn for the wet, I've shrewdly negotiated a Monday immediately following my every-other-Friday off in July.  In other words - four day weekend!

But, it gets even better worse.  There is a strong possibility I'll be up early enough on Saturday to hit the road even before the sun begins to light the sky to be headed in the direction of Portland, OR for a Saturday of work.

The bad news - it's work.  The good news, it's all overtime plus nicely reimbursed for travel.  I smell more new gear!

It's not a done deal yet.  I'll know by the end of the day.  In the instance I'm not headed to Portland, OR, I will be headed to North Bend, WA.  The game plan is to ride the John Wayne Pioneer Trail from Rattlesnake Lake up to, and through, the Snoqualmie Pass tunnel.  If it doesn't happen Saturday due to work, then it will likely happen Sunday.  It's supposed to be wet on Sunday.  But, if it's not pouring, and it seldom does around here, then the John Wayne Trail it will be.  Unless it isn't.  But it could be.  And it might not.

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