Friday, June 14, 2013

Like Riding Uphill

It's been about a month since I went to North Bend and rode the Snoqualmie Trail to Rattlesnake Lake and then the John Wayne Pioneer Trail up toward Snoqualmie Pass.  Whenever that was, I didn't make the goal of the tunnel through the pass due to heavy snow on the trail.  It's time to go back.

I'm hoping in the past month the snow is off the trail and a dude can roll to the tunnel.  Not only roll to the tunnel but roll through the tunnel.  The Snoqualmie Pass tunnel is an old railroad tunnel and is 2.3 miles long.  That's pretty long.  Long enough, in fact, I'll take lights for the bike along.

I haven't seen the eastern slope of the Cascades since I moved here in February.  And even then, it was night and dark.  It would be kind of cool to see how the other side lives.  Regardless if the snow is gone or gone enough, it will be all uphill from Rattlesnake Lake.  The upside to this downside is it will be all downhill once turned around.  I call it, "Earning the Beer."

Sunday I may, or may not, hit the Washington Brewer's Festival.  Judging from the beer line up, this looks like a dandy!

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