Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Bust

The recreational wheels fell off this past weekend.  An odd work schedule made for not much fun.

I needed to depart for Portland about noon on Saturday.  I had to be at a certain place ready to work at 4 PM and need to complete this work by 8 PM.  I did the work and then headed to Widmer Brewing brew pub for some grub, a beer, and the drive back to here.

When I was just on the South edge of Tacoma on I-5, there was a collision ahead that shut down three of four lanes.  Traffic was thick-ish and squeezed into that one lane.  It took me just over one hour to move two miles.

Since I was home late I slept in on Sunday.  I awoke to the sound to a pretty steady rain.  Sunday became "prep for the week" and nap day.  I guess every weekend can't be fun.

But, I'm going to do my best to make next weekend fun.  Keeping one eye on the weather, I plan to have the vehicle locked and loaded with gear.  Once work is done for the week, I  plan to be off to somewhere.

My choices are heading to the woods to camp, mountain biking some trails, or I was thinking a hybrid trip to Port Townsend.  If I tossed a bike on the vehicle and made my way to Port Townsend, I could make a stop at Pygmy Boats to check out their kayak models.  Then, I could head for Coupeville and Ebey State Park area for some mountain biking coupled with camping.

Work on weekends is extremely rare for me.  Though I enjoy my job, I also enjoy my fun time.  I'm looking forward to getting back to the fun this coming weekend.

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